This initiative is begun by citizens like you! To make sure it succeeds, we need your help… Every signature counts! Thanks for sending us back your sheets so we can keep track of them. To begin to actively take part in the initiative is easy - fill out the form below.

How to participate?

1. Sign up

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2. Print

Receive the signature sheet by email, and print it out.

3. Collect

(optional) Visit your neighbors and others to get them to also sign for the initiative

(only one postal code per sheet!)

4. Send

Send us back the sheet(s) by post (even if it only contains one signature)… Thank you!

Download your documents here. Take care to use only one postcode per signature page. Sign in cursive and CAPITAL LETTERS

Annexe initiative future 100

appendix in French
Initiative pesticides 300 fr

Signature sheet in French
Annexe initiative future  all 100

appendix in German
Initiative pesticides 300 all

Signature sheet in German
Initiative pesticides 300 it

Signature sheet in Italian